Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toolbox Parent Radio is making a difference. Thanks Victoria for last night!

Deb Fjeld, Minnesota Parent Advocate and I, Jodee Kulp, recently completed our 8th broadcast of Toolbox Parent Radio on Global Talk Radio. When we were first selected to share our insights into the rough and tumble world of living with intense and atypical children/adults with a variety of diagnosis – we weren’t sure we could do it.

Could we get a large enough audience?
Would people be interested in interviews with us?

We are happy to announce our numbers of listeners are growing each week and we are almost booked for interviews through year end.

So I guess we are doing it!
And…we will keep on keeping on…and on….and on

Last night we chatted with Victoria Deasy who has been a special education teacher for 36 years and is Mom to a young adult with multiple issues. As she said last night,”Nothing prepared her for the real day to day world of parenting a person with fetal alcohol, FASD. She felt so alone.”
Alone is what we want to help. Deb Fjeld and Jodee Kulp, offer our voices and friends in the disABILITY world community to help provision families and professionals to support persons with neuro differences.

Listen to July 21 archive with Victoria Deasy at (main show page) or (July 21-Victoria Deasy archive).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Entro Magazine 2009

Entro Magazine 2009
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