Saturday, November 9, 2013

16 Places to Replace Lost Important Papers #FASD

Need a helping hand to replace missing papers?

Floods... avalanches... storms... accidents... or ... dog help?

What does it mean to replace one simple social security card for a job interview?

Two weeks ago we were able to find out - a one hour very cold, damp and windy line outside the back door of social security office the line eventually was 150 feet long... a veteran amputee too cold to wait and people at the front of the line too unwilling to trade places... then through TSA clearance including wanding... one restroom with a waiting line... then 80 minute wait on metal seats before we saw a very sympathetic person who apologized for the new centralized processing. We walked out with the paper needed for employment and the card arrived in 10 days.

For those of us who love persons with hidden differences - replacing paperwork may just begin to take us a lot more time and inconvenience. Please DRESS warm, bring your umbrella, and pack a snack for those with blood sugar issues.

A special thank you to FEMA(Release Number: NR-084). For those of us who work with persons who can easily misplace, have stolen or lose paperwork - including the DOG ATE IT - this list is really helpful and timely.

The following is a partial list of ways to get duplicates of destroyed or missing documents:
  1. Birth and Death Certificates – Birth and death certificates can be replaced by visiting your county vital records office or on line
  2. Marriage Certificates – The online link for replacement of marriage certificates is
  3. Marriage Dissolutions (divorces) – The online link for divorce decree replacements is
  4. Adoption Decrees – The State District Courts link for adoption records - if the adoption was finalized in that state - is
  5. Immigration Documents – Contact your county office or the site below for citizenship, immigration, permanent resident card (green card), employment authorization, re-entry permit and more.
  6. Driver Licenses – Visit any state driver license office with acceptable identification and proof of address. Fee required.
  7. Vehicle Registration, License Tab or Title – Contact your county motor vehicle office. You will need proof of insurance and state vehicle emissions. Fees administered by county.
  8. Passport – Complete form DS-64 from
  9. Military Records – Request Standard Form 180 (SF-180) from any office of the Veterans Administration, American Legion, VFW or Red Cross, or download from
  10. Mortgage Papers – Contact your lending institution
  11. Property Deeds – Contact the recorder’s office in the county where the property is located
  12. Insurance Policies – Contact the insurance company for replacement papers
  13. Social Security Card – Go to a Social Security Administration office. You also can request a copy of your Social Security statement online
  14. Transcript of Your Tax Return – Call nearest Treasury Department office, IRS office or 800-829-3646; request form 4506. To find your local IRS office, go to
  15. Savings Bonds/Notes – Complete Form PDF 1048 (Claim for Lost, Stolen or Destroyed U.S. Savings Bonds); available by calling 304-480-6112 or at
  16. Credit Cards – American Express, 800-528-4800; Discover, 800-347-2683; MasterCard, 800-622-7747; Visa, 800-847-2911