Monday, July 14, 2008

A Pit Bull With Lipstick

From Liz

Sometimes everyone needs an advocate
Mom, you know what they call you?

You're a
pit bull with lipstick
and that's pretty funny because
I wear the lipstick
and you never do
You train dogs
but you raise poodles.

I guess me and the poodles
need a pitbull
with lipstickto guide
and show us the way.
and not put up with
our silly billy prancing
but work to keep us
calm and maintained
secured through
the strength of caring.

You're a pit bull with lipstick,
and I know that is true
because I have seen you
march upto a gangster
and neck hold the leader
against the wall to explain
in no uncertain terms why
claiming points for virgins
is not cool.

You're a pitbull with lipstick
and I know that is true
because I have seen you
alpha dog stare down
the most feared of all
who feared you enough
to call his father for advice
Whose father thanked you

You're a pitbull with lipstcik
and I know that is true
because you growl seldom
you don't have to
You're presence changes
hearts and minds to make
better decisions.

I laughed when I heard you
called a pitbull with lipstick
but I know it is true .
And if I got to chose
another mother -

I would have to choose you!

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