Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mom's Choice Gold Fiction Novel - FREE KINDLE - download

Better Endings New Beginnings is offering a FREE fun summer read of "Whitest Wall" our Mom's Choice Gold Award - Best Fiction for Young Adults and Mom's Choice Gold Award - Best Fiction Adults.

To get your FREE DOWNLOAD just click the book cover it will send you right over to Kindle Downloads - Enjoy and let us know how you like it.

Some current reviews:

The story starts in a small community of Riverdale where a horrible tragedy occurs. Sally find her husband shot to death in the woods near their home and the sheriff knows exactly who did it or does he?

It does seem like all the evidence points to Kevin, but as the story progress's you start to wonder, did he really? 

Is it because of the way he acts and does racism have something to do with it?

As Kevin sits in jail, he starts doing strange things and the sheriff decides he needs to bring in a forensic criminal psychologist to assess Kevin. Dr. Lamar Watkins is hired and as he investigates Kevin we also learn about Lamar's family and his past.

Unfolds a story about families and how similar/different they are to each other.

I really enjoyed reading about the different families and their lives, my favorite was about Q and Gunner. As you read you realize how these families are all intertwined with each other and the end was surprising and sad. 

Also how FASD can affect so many without them knowing it.

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