Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3 Rules to Trail Guide for Persons With Prenatal Toxin Exposure #FASD #ASD

Are you a trail marker or a barrier?

I trail guide a number of couples living in today's world navigating with a variety of challenges including FASD.

Rules of Marking a Trail for Self-Discovery

  1. The marks must be visible to those who are looking.
  2. The person looking must be trained to see and enjoy the self-discover
  3. The person finding the marks must have clear direction of what to do next.

What I have learned as a trail guide...
(and a mom, friend and human being)

  1. I have to lay Jodee down. The abstract world I am able to navigate in serves little purpose to walk together in harmony. I do use my abstract abilities to trail guide or mark trails for self-discovery—this DOES NOT make me more able—I consider myself a cognitive translator between worlds.
  2. I have to be able to walk in unconditional love—just as the people I love are able to do.
  3. I have to be able to understand hidden fear and reactions to it—I need to respect it, embrace it and then provide honorable and safe opportunity for self-discovery to move from fear to peace
  4. I have to change my speed which happens to naturally be the "energizer bunny" to the speed of the people I love - this is a good thing - most people in the "what they refer to as normal world (lol)" never allow themselves this beauty.
  5. May YOUR voice raise loudly as teachers because you have the ability to change this world 
When I began this walk in 1997 - my first understanding and slogan was a "voice for the voiceless" 
I am proud to say - YOU the adults with FASD are gaining THAT voice!

Thank you for being my teachers

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