Saturday, October 26, 2013

3 Quick Tips to help Persons with #FASD

3 Quick tips from Hunter
  1. Something “NEW” used to blow me away. When I am learning a new thing, I feel like a vulnerable little kid who got stomped on by a bully. Change used to make my mind spin out because I do not have any of the next pieces to connect the puzzle. I live in NOW time and sometimes NEXT time, but not later, maybe or other non-concrete times. I will always have to be retaught and learning something new takes repetitive training in many areas without different things happening around me.
  2. Please don’t overwhelm me. My brain walks, it doesn’t do jogging.I can think, I can figure things out and I can do many things people never expected me to do.
  3. Believe me I have years of being the person who was bullied practice.So, before, to protect myself, I used to be verbally aggressive, scream and swear and shred the person apart. The bad part was that even though I had a reason to have that feeling, I felt dirty and my words after they left my mouth stuck on the other person like the dirty words a bully had stuck on me. It was a very bad circle and it didn't make anyone do better or create positive or kind energy. When I communicate with my eyes and don't open my mouth with feelings I should not or am not ready to share, without saying anything, I wait, I watch and I show them I have belief in their ability to finally get it and understand me.

Are you looking for support for a bullying situation in your school or community. Hunter Sargent reaches out to help young people understand the viewpoints of each site and come to a place of caring instead of tearing!

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