Friday, November 16, 2012

Micro publisher scores four national books awards on Fetal Alcohol

Today was one of those wild even though you have adults with FASD day... appointments and work and all those other things that play into it... At the neurologist/physical therapist I was reading the newspaper - something I rarely do and they were announcing all the Minnesota Book winners and how powerful of writing state we have and how each of the houses won in their excellence and I thought I wish we could do that... and I read.... what good authors we have here and.... Oh I sure wish we could make some inroads... feels like we have icy roads... more helter-skelter of a day... and more demands and spinning out... how come we can't seem to make progress with FASD... this day feels like a tornado in glue....

WELL GUESS WHAT - this little tiny itsy bitsy micro publishers with a niche in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders came home to ---

1. GOLD! Mom's Choice - Parenting Books – Special & Exceptional Needs
Our FAScinating Journey - Keys To Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury (3rd Revisions) from by Jodee Kulp

2. WINNER! The 2012 USA Best Book Awards! - Young Adult - Fiction
The Whitest Wall by Jodee Kulp

3. FINALIST! The 2012 USA Best Book Awards! - Animals/Novelty
Nuzzle - Love Between a Boy and His Service Dog by Donnie Winokur

4. FINALIST! The 2012 USA Best Book Awards! - Health: Addiction & Recovery
Braided Cord - Tough Times In and Out by Liz Kulp

Now if only someone could help me get the word out in a MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger way

... I am humbled

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