Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steps into Live Abilities - We take ''DIS out

Purposeful Living - Striving for the Best

Sam giving MN Govenor Dayton one
of our Live Abilities introduction cards
My father often said, "If you have a problem, shake it out, shake it up, turn it upside down. Problems are opportunities to solve." And solve my father did - rising to managing the construction of high rise construction and building a round house with scraps of this and that - because he could—the we in family could. 

My father lived a purposeful life filled with Live Abilities without a 'dis among us. Why? Because he believed it wasn't where you came from that mattered, what matters is now you do your today. 

- Jodee Kulp, Trail Guide for Live Abilities

Purposeful living is how you live in your NOW!

So how does one achieve purposeful living? 

The first step in our Live Abilities program is discovering your strengths and being truthful about all the challenges you face. 

We get our challenges off our hearts and onto a piece of paper where we can pick them up at anytime we feel the need or leave them there. We put them in a safe place for rediscovery as we grow.

Then we brainstorm our strengths:
  • What are we good at? 
  • Where in life have we found the most enjoyment? 
  • What was happening? When? 
  • What do we really have fun doing? How come?
Then we find two or three sober and faith based people to become our Braided Cords -  Each of these individuals will provide additional strength, support and flexibility to allow change to occur. 

Join Us on our Journey - Liz and Sam

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