Friday, July 27, 2012

#44 Days To FASDay - A FASWorld Fable

A FASWorld Fable

(To Share at Your FASDay Event from Bonnie and Teresa)

Once upon a time, not too very long ago, Beautiful Blue Butterfly Bonnie flew across the sunny skies from the Nippy North down to the Sultry South, where she met Tucson Turquoise Tutterfly Teresa. They spoke of their butterfly babies and tutterfly troubles, and wistfully whispered of all the other butterfly babies in the world who couldn't fly because their baby butterfly wings could not develop enough for them to fly freely on their own. The baby butterflies were always flying into terrible trouble.

! ! ! ! ! Tutterfly Teresa told Butterfly Bonnie all she knew about broken baby butterflies and their booze-battered brains.

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Butterfly Bonnie shared all she knew about the overwhelming ! obstacles that must be overcome by all the mamas and the papas and their blessed baby butterflies.
Together the two shared their worthy wisdom. They lamented at length.
Butterfly Bonnie said, "Let's save all those baby butterflies!"
Tutterfly Teresa said, "How can we do that? We are only two burned out bedraggled butterflies. We cannot save the world."
To which BB replied, "Oh, we may not save the whole wacky world, but we can save some of the suffering souls trapped with their tattered and torn, worn wings. I have my Big Brainy Butterfly Brian to help me, and Cute Little Clutterfly Colette! And back home in the Nippy North is Nifty Nutterfly Nancy."
TT said, "Well then, that is five of us - ten wings in all. What kind of a flap can five FAS friends make?"
Butterfly Bonnie said, "Have you not heard?
'The oscillation of butterfly wings in Brazil may set off storms in Texas.' "
"Brazil?" exclaimed TT. "I know some terrific tot-tutors in Texas, but I don't know any butterflies in Brazil."
"Oh, but you will! You will! Brazil and beyond." Butterfly Bonnie continued to cheerfully chatter. "If we mobilize and motivate all the other butterflies in the world, just think what storms we could set off! Not just in Texas, but in Tucson and Toledo and Toronto and Everywhere that our butterflies beat their beautiful wings! Why, we might even move mighty mountains."
So Butterfly Bonnie flew back to the Nippy North and stirred up serious storms all over earth space.
And Tutterfly Teresa flew back to the internet and intermitently interrupted inertia all over cyberspace.
Before long there were hundreds of busy butterflies making wonderful waves of awareness, telling their true tales, procuring proper proclamations, mobilizing media, bringing bells a-ringing,
"Nine! Nine! Ninety-Nine!"

And so, air waves announced and reporters revered all the awesome events planned and produced proudly by those sixty successful blessed butterflies on that fine Fall day. Ripples reverberated across the peaceful planet, telling the truth about the broken baby butterflies. Beyond the barriers of ignorance and indifference, the message of mothers and fathers afar:
"Desist the destruction of the delicate development of those wee little wings of the babies we bear. Try not to trample those innocent individuals whose wings cannot wend their way so well. Listen and learn. Don't forget and regret. Beware and take care!'
And they did!

The moral of the story is this...
Never underestimate the power of the pen, the wonders of the web, and the beating of butterfly wings in the wind. Especially esteem the miracles of mothers and daddies who love their little lassies and laddies above all on the earth in this fabulous family called FASWORLD.
And to think it all began with one Beautiful Blue Butterfly... Bonnie! Read thank you messages sent to Butterfly Bonnie Buxton here.

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