Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#47 Days To FASDay - Host a mini-event non-alcoholic drink ideas

Organize a Mind Mapping Meeting.

If you have community interest and commitment already and want to move forward, and want to do more than just a one-day media event, then you are ready to follow the Prince George’s Northern Family Health Society model for community action.

If this is too overwhelming, then stick to something simple and easy, like the last idea here:

Host a Mini FASD Awareness Campaign!
This is great for the office - yours or your doctor's - or any reception area that will give you permission. Just a bowl of Snickers mini bars and some FASD Fact Cards are all you need. Details here.



This set of words means different things to different people.

To a pregnant woman,
it means that she chooses not to drink for the health of her baby.
To a doctor,
it means sifting through information to come to a correct diagnosis.
To a teacher,
it means learning to look at behaviors in a different way.
To a parent or caregiver,
it means trying new things and reaching out for help.
To a couple planning a pregnancy,
it means thinking ahead and avoiding alcohol.
To a pregnant woman with alcoholism,
it means courage to ask for help.
To a community,
it means responding with compassion, understanding and new eyes.

  • Baby Love Activities  BRAND NEW: BABYLOVE PRESENTATION for middle / high school students! (Includes powerpoint with facilitator's notes and two optional video links, and three optional handouts / activities.)                

  • Advocacy Guidebooks  These two advocacy guidebooks can be filled out by parents / caregivers, then given to new therapists, teachers, etc. (They are identical, except one references FASD, while the other only mentions "brain differences".)


  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration funds the FASD Center for Excellence, a clearinghouse for FASD resources and materials: http://www.fasdcenter.samhsa.gov/index.cfm
  • The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is dedicated to eliminating birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy and to improving the quality of life for affected families and individuals:    http://www.nofas.org/

Online Manual - www.fasday.com
Seminar - Or try our easy, effective, exciting 1½ hour program that walks you
 through the morning of Sept.9: http://www.come-over.to/FASDAY/ABCDEFG/ 
(material from 2002 has excellent ideas)

Follow us through the next 60 days and plan your local or personal project to build awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - Each One Can Reach One!

Need family support visit www.toolboxparent.com
Need ideas for adults living with challenges of FASD visit www.braidedcord.net
Need information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders visit www.betterendings.org
Interested in service dog for FASD visit www.thechancerchronicles.com

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