Friday, July 20, 2012

#51 Days To FASDa - Pregnancy Dispenser Wins!

Pregnancy Dispensers for restaurants and bars - take the test and get results "before you drink"

July 19, 2012   ---   NEW!!! HOT OFF THE PRESS

Pregnancy test dispensers available in Pub 500 restrooms

Healthy Brains for Children hopes to eliminate prenatal exposure to alcohol

MANKATO — The ladies room at Pub 500 just got a little more, well, practical. In what backers say is a first- of-its-kind service anywhere in the world, a group called Healthy Brains for Children has installed a dispenser for pregnancy tests in the women’s restroom at the downtown Mankato bar.
The goal is obvious.
If a woman knows she’s pregnant, the less likely she’ll be to drink alco­hol, and the less likely it will be that another child will be born with prenatal exposure to alcohol. So why not give a woman the perfect tool to allow her to make the right decision? Healthy Brains for Children and Executive Director Jody Allen Crowe are hoping Pub 500 is just the first of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of locations where pregnancy tests dispensers are installed.
Crowe said....(READ MORE)

Easy idea for everyone.
Take Ten Awareness Survey Kit

All it takes is a couple people to pull this off - thanks to Teresa Kellerman - FREE and EASY download


Includes snicker cards, survey and much more!!
Have fun building awareness.

Online Manual -
Seminar - Or try our easy, effective, exciting 1½ hour program that walks you
 through the morning of Sept.9: 
(material from 2002 has excellent ideas)

Follow us through the next 60 days and plan your local or personal project to build awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - Each One Can Reach One!

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