Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#19 Days To FASDay - Toolbox Parent Support

Visit Toolbox Parent for support and ideas

Need quick ideas to help with a complex child. Stop by and visit an informative site to bridge understanding, make connections with families of high risk and special needs individuals and professionals. Deb Fjeld, Minnesota Post-Adoption Parent Liason and Jodee Kulp invite you to visit our new site designed to build collaborative efforts between caregivers and professionals.
What is a Toolbox Parent?

A toolbox parent is a parent who is willing to reach out and discover new ideas and strategies to work with a difficult child. If you are struggling with behaviors in your home, we hope that you can find something here to help you.

We need power tools - consider joining our team!
Power Tools: Regionally, meet our Power Professionals. This section represents some of the best professional minds in the business of “kids”. Learn about their specialties. If you are a professional skilled in working with REALLY complicated children with neurodiversity issues please contact Jodee or Deb

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