Friday, August 10, 2012

#30 Days To FASDay - #FASD Twitter Party

FASD Awareness Day 2011 was a a terrific initial success for increasing FASD-specific tweets and increasing awareness on Twitter; we’re doing it again in 2012 to have even more participation!

@FASDElephant (Twitter username of Michael Harris) is starting early and again encouraging and hosting a worldwide #FASD #TwitterParty on September 9th to make #FASD a worldwide Twitter trending topic and increase FASD awareness across the world.

See last year’s video (2012 video will be made in summer 2012):

1. Register for the Event: Register on either Facebook (to be set up in summer 2012) or Eventbrite, then I will send you an email and Tweet reminder on September 9th.
2. Share this invitation: Tweet or “Like” it from the “Share this!” section above.
3. Visit Find sample tweet ideas, more info about the 2012 #FASD Awareness Day #TwitterParty, video tutorials on setting up and using Twitter, and links for more about FASD.
4. Tweet #FASD messages with 120 characters or less: No matter the time, no matter your location… Tweet several times using the hashtag #FASD on September 9th so it will show up as a trend on Twitter. (BTW, Tweets 120 characters or less are easy to re-tweet.)
5. Document your FASD Awareness Day event: Send Tweets and Tweetpics from your event on September 9th – Include the hashtag #FASD.
6. Retweet other #FASD Tweets you receive: Keep the momentum going!

A. #FASD Awareness Day! Alcohol+Pregnancy=Lifetime of Problems. Please don’t drink when pregnant. B. #FASD is preventable! Alcohol in pregnancy can cause brain damage. Please don’t drink while pregnant.
C. @FASDElephant I’m honoring #FASD Awareness Day in [city/country] by [tell me something about your event].

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Event registration for 2012 #FASD Awareness Day #TwitterParty Hosted by @FASDElephant powered by Eventbrite
Tell the "Twitterverse" that FASD is 100% preventable on September 9, 2012!

What if each of us chose to reach out to another person with a disability.

An kindness of simple things will make a HUGE difference in the daily life of a person with an FASD disability.

A ride to the store for groceries
Coffee once a month at the local cafe
Sitting on a porch swing.
Helping to organize a room
An invitation to dinner
Helping with a project
Going to county services as a friend or brain coach

We would love to hear ideas on how you can "be a friend" to a person with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)

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