Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#25 Days To FASDay - Information table

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)
Information Table

You may want to have an information table, which can include the FAS Knot, a cash box for donations, and relevant local material.
  • Correctional Service Canada has produced a well-written research report, “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Implications for Correctional Service” which is applicable to most English-speaking countries, and is also available in French. It’s available, free, in bulk, from the Research Branch, Correctional Service of Canada, 340 Laurier Ave. West, Ottawa, ON K1A 0P9, or phone Tina Bada at (613) 996-5222, fax (613)996-2867,
    It is full of facts and figures about FAS/FAE, relating to the lifespan of the affected individual, and includes recommendations for changes in the criminal justice system, taking into account the needs and disabilities of offenders with fetal alcohol disorders. This report would be particularly useful for members of the media who would like more information on the secondary disabilities of people with FAS, which make them susceptible to getting in trouble with the law.
  • Your committee might consider making various petitions available, and Bonnie Buxton can suggest a number which might be appropriate.
  • We particularly like a “declaration” for men to fill out, promising to support their wives, partners, sisters, daughters, and friends in sobriety when pregnant. This declaration was developed by the Lakeland FAS Committee, in northern Alberta, Canada. The complete petition form can be downloaded at
Encourange Partner Declarations
The partner declaration, in the form of a petition, reads:

“I am aware that alcohol exposure during pregnancy may cause irreversible brain damage to the baby, therefore, I declare that I will support and encourage my partner, friends and family members to be alcohol free during pregnancy.”

FAS fact sheet and educational handouts
There is a file called FASdisk that can be downloaded in its entirety or just selected documents. The FASdisk can be found at

Suggested documents include:

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