Monday, August 20, 2012

#20 Days To FASDay - Listen to persons with FASD

One of Many Voices 

for Fetal Alcohol Awareness Day

Note from jodee: I have removed L.'s name and country and added word changes in (--).
Please understand that this woman with fetal alcohol is writing in English, speaks
the language of the country she lives in and was born in another country with another
language - Well done L. You are a beautiful person. Keep safe.

Dear Jodee and Liz

I am 31 years old...I have FAS

I have pay (bought) Liz and your book,
the best i can be...i have been,
is comfusing very often,
and think bad things about myself...
but when i read the book i cried..
becuse i'm felt not alone anymore...
I'm catholic and is very comfusing their sometimes..
no one can see that i have FAS and
is hard to lived up to the church..
i always failed..
everybody failed,
but i'm never learnd,
and i'm feel bad..

but when i read your and Liz book,
and about your trust in God
i'm now feeling calm...
but i cry and cry..

I'm single mother to a boy who is 5
and get help from the socity in my country
...clean help,
and with paper...
but i wish more's very difficult

...i pray for God's protection and
that he chow me to be a good mother...
hope you understand my english.

God bless you and your family.
Love from L. in Europe

Dear L.
Your English is beautiful and
very very good I am happy with your English.
To speak three languages and write to me
is very very wonderful.

Lord I pray for L. -
you know she is a good woman
and person and kind and loving.
Lord I ask for you to help her
and let her know she is not alone,
that many men and women have FAS and
many live good lives
She is living a good life
being the best she can be.
Father be with her and
help her learn good things
to grow in your love.

Jodee and Liz
L. may I share your email with other families?
Or may I add to my website -
I think your words are wonderful!

Dear Jodee and Liz,
thanks for caring and answer
Thanks for your beutiful prayer...
yes you can add it on your website,
but please not wright where i'm from...

My FAS is many fysical disorder
like haert deffects, and i have problem
with member (memory) in daily life,
when i cooks food,
and sometimes i'm not see cars come in my way...
and problem with anger, and self defence..
but i tried gfcd ( wtithout gluten and casein milk)
and now i don't cut my self,
sometimes i have bite my self in anger,
but your book gave me hope,

It learned me to try to pray insted,
or chows bite paper insted...
my son gives me so mutch and i love him,
so i need to focus him..

the daily life is hard to focus and
it's so mutch planning...
but God leads me,
even i'm bad sometimes...
One time in week i,m riding.
It's good for me too

Love and pray, L.

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